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Z-CO IT Services 


The need for computer services varies from day to day and client to client.  We specialize in providing affordable custom solutions for your specific circumstances.  With Z-CO you can select to use our on-demand services or our complete worry-free managed services plans for a fraction of the expense of staffing internal IT employees.  To complete the security of maintaining an operational working environment it is critical to also incorporate cloud based solutions.  We offer an assortment of appropriately sized managed cloud plans for storing and securing business and personal data. 

Call: (972) 712-2424

Help Desk Remote Support

This is our superior on-demand support service.  We can assist you and resolve your technical issues very quickly. A fast remote connection via our secured access service allows us to look into your system and identify and resolve the trouble

It is a very simple two step process to get to us:

#1 Please dial our support number to schedule a session (972) 712-2424

#2 From your computer simply click on the red "Help" button below and follow our technician's instructions

We will securely troubleshoot with you on the phone while your system is connected.  This service is available 24/7 for most technical issues.  It provides you with a very fast response time and is likely the most affordable solution. Our areas of expertise cover Microsoft based Computers, Notebooks and Tablets.

If a remote session cannot 

resolve your issue, we

will quickly schedule an

onsite visit by one  of

our Professional Trained                         Certified Technicians 

Managed I.T. Services

We are a Microsoft partner and have more than 25 years of experience in business computing environments.  


We are positioned to deploy an ultra affordable and ideal managed solution for any organization with 2 to 75 systems.  We focus on both your hardware as well as your software platforms.   Our Managed Services group will provide you with an extensive comprehensive support maintenance team dedicated to keep your computer and network needs functioning at optimal levels. Our customized programs include both on-site as well as remote management  support. Stringent security protocols are implemented to keep your business safe.

Your systems will be under a continuous monitoring schedule to identify and resolve  issues or failures.  Our preventative maintenance routines will manage your updates and ensure the health of your servers and workstations.  You will have the comfort of knowing that you will always have a direct line to call for system critical events.  Your organization will receive multiple monthly on-site visits.  Our customized managed service plans will provide you with a solid reliable solution at an affordable and predictable cost.  

Managed Secured Cloud

Z-CO's Secured Managed Cloud Backup Service will provide you with the added level of confidence of knowing that you will now have a cloud based off-site backup of your work station's or your server’s data repositories.  Our system generates and maintains a thirty-day set of logs that feature multiple restoration points.  There will not be a need to handle local devices that require transporting and exposure to security threats as well as hardware failures.  In the case of a catastrophic situation you will have the ability to re-access (data-recovery) your data from anywhere in the world on the fly.  Z-CO will manage and monitor all aspects of the custom tailored solution that will best fit your stored data.  You will have the peace-of-mind that your data is really being managed and backed-up on a regular schedule by a hands-on specialist.


You will have the confidence knowing that your data is stored safe and secure with the latest technology and infrastructures for certified enterprise data centers.  You will always have our full support in the case you find the need to recover your data with our 24/7 support via the people that your trust and already know your systems operations.  This is truly an excellent worry-free and touch-free solution

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